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Outta this world

The new MB&F Horlogical Machine No. 4 aka Thunderbolt is totally out of this planet. Made of a sapphire and titanium case that measures 54mm wide x 52mm long x 24mm high. I absolutely love the profile view of the machine and how it mounts to the strap. Price is $158,000 and total production will be 25-35 pieces per year replica watches . I'll let Maximillian Busser (he's the "MB" in "MB&F") himself describe the rest of the replica watch and its inspiration for you - read on for details and pics.

replica watch the MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Video:

MB&F Horological Machine No4 is here! For the last three years I could not talk about this amazing piece of machinery, and it is truly a great day that I can finally share with all!

After the 311 part Engine which was unveiled in March during Basel, here is probably the most complex case in the history of horology to protect and magnify it.

Titanium and Sapphire – 150 hours of machining and polishing just for the central Sapphire case (that is close to four weeks of machining for one piece !), over 60 hours of machining and finishing for the titanium case back, etc replica rolex date , etc In our twenty years of horology, this is the greatest challenge Serge Kriknoff and I have been up to.
The MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt as worn by Maximillian Busser himself:

So what is the Thunderbolt ? A tribute to Aviation

Why ? Because from the age of 8 to 12-13 I spent every free minute crafting model airplanes They were everywhere in my room replica iwc gmt . Hanging from the ceilings , accumulating on the shelves, in the cupboards. I would spend hours assembling, modifying, painting anything which had two wings. HM4 is a very personal interpretation of what would happen if you crossed a piece of ultra high end horology with the environment of aeronautics.