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When MB&F announces a new timepiece, the global horological community / twitterati stands at attention. Today, specs and official images of the new HM3 "Frog" have been released and we simply wouldn't be doing our job without showing it to you.
Max Busser has always felt the HM3 to be a rather elegant timepiece, which is why he thought it might be fun to create a "wacky" version. The FROG is just that.
The hour and minute gears as well as date system had to be entirely modified in the 304 part engine, the sapphire domes needed to be perfectly machined on both sides so as not deform the numbers and most difficult was to create the lightest aluminium domes possible - in this case we managed to hit 0,58g by machining them down to a thickness of 0,28mm
Only 32 Frogs will produced this year, 12 of which will be in a limited edition black titanium case with green rotor (our favorite), while the remaining 20 will be standard titanium with a blue rotor. best watches
We actually had the chance to preview the FROG back in Basel and we can say that this is a welcome refresh to the HM3. In fact, the HM3 has always played second fiddle to the other two horological machines in our minds, replica rolex presidential but with this goofy and amphibious twist, this machine is right up there with the greats.
For more pictures of the HM3 Frog and a video of a traditional HM3 on a replica watch winder, click through.